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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

guitar body

country memories albumKevin Doucet, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, comes from a musical family. When asked about this he responded, "Actually I have musicians and singers on both my mom's and my dad's side of the family. I am told my mom and her siblings had a vocal sound that would knock your socks off. My mom's brother, Bill Hay, was the drummer in dad's band, (The Louisiana Aces). My three brothers also play and sing. When I was young, before my three older brothers started moving out of the house, we really had a pretty good quartet sound going on."

Kevin comes from French Canadian routes on his father's side. Whitney Doucet, Kevin's dad, played the french accordion and was one of the family members to help teach his younger half brother, Iry LeJeune, a famed Cajun recording artist, to play the french accordion.

Kevin reminisces, "I remember my dad telling that he and my Uncle Iry  sometimes would have a friendly competition to see who would draw the bigger crowd when they were both playing a dance, in different halls, on the same night, in the small Cajun community of Church Point, Louisiana. Some times it would be my dad and other times it would be 
Uncle Iry.